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LLLT Suggested Protocol Guide

EnerChi Laser System

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The Low Level Laser Therapy Suggested Protocol Manual for the EnerChi Laser System was written to be used by anyone seeking to achieve the highest level of health benefits associated with Low Level Laser Therapy. This full color manual includes LLLT protocols with supporting beneficial actions, and sections on proprioception, the autonomic nervous system, 30 day detoxification program, green drinks, and ionic cellular cleansing.

The Low Level Laser Therapy Suggested Protocol Manual for the EnerChi Laser System is a publication that targets owners of the EnerChi Elite Laser System and was developed to be a quick reference protocol guide for lay people and practitioners alike. Users of this guide should understand that the suggested protocols were developed over many years with positive results. This guide should be used only as a reference and starting point. As a practitioner or user becomes more comfortable with low level laser therapy, he/she may develop a protocol resulting in a more positive biological effect. Not only do we hope and pray this happens, we encourage it.

The more effectively low level laser therapy can be used, the more people can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this noninvasive light. This field is relatively young and is expanding quickly. We have only scratched the surface of the benefits associated with low level laser therapy. We wish the reader success and hope this guide inspires you to continue your journey into the benefits of low level laser therapy.

Protocol Example

Protocol Example



Please note that low level laser therapy does not work for every person. This system is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. We recommend consulting with your physician or health care professional if you have a disease, medical condition, or concerned about a health related issue.

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